The WaJesus Family

Award-winning YouTube couple Kabi and Milly WaJesus have finally revealed their daughter’s face after one year.

The couple unveiled their daughter’s face and name in style after paying for whole a billboard for the face reveal.

They also disclosed that they have named their baby girl Tsuri WaJesus.

After the unveiling, Kabi WaJesus penned a sweet message and prayer to his daughter.

“My love @tsuriwajesus,

“As we unveil you to the world, may you always feel the warmth of our love surrounding you. May you grow in strength, kindness, and wisdom, guided by the light of our family’s love and faith.

“May the grace of God shield you from harm, and may His angels watch over you every step of your journey. May you always know that you are cherished beyond measure and that our hearts beat with endless love for you.

Adding; “  May your days be filled with laughter, your dreams be boundless, and your spirit be resilient. Know that you are never alone, for our prayers and blessings accompany you wherever you go. With all our love and prayers. Mom and Dad” - Tunakulove 🥰😍,”.