Kagwe Mungai and Sharon K Mwangi

Kagwe Mungai is a man in love, something he doesn't mind people knowing about.

The 33-year-old artist recently released a new single dubbed Útuko' where he features his girlfriend, YouTube content creator and brand influencer Sharon K Mwangi.

The song is actually a love ballad inspired by her and dedicated to their love story. 


Speaking with Mpasho's Dennis Mulimo the talented singer and producer got candid about their relationship detailing the top 3 things about Sharon that draw him to her.

"Utuko means night and Muthenya means day, so basically you know how you can have a girlfriend and one minute they are like this then the next they're different, but you love them regardless. That is what the song is about, I love her for the night and for the day. It was just a dedication to my babe," the 'Ghostika' hitmaker said.

The musician also spoke of any challenges if any he had when writing the song and said,


"Writing the song was easy because my muse just guided me. Creating the music video was equally easy because it was just the two of us and we were just having fun like we normally do. We were not even pretending. It was all natural, the dancing, the joking, it is all things we do."

Speaking about 3 things he absolutely adores about Sharon, a chuckling Kagwe had this to say, "I love her smile, her mind, and her dimples."

Touching on his performance at Blankets and Wine, Kagwe started by giving Fena Gitu her flowers, noting it was an honour to share the stage with her.

"Shout out to Fena! That is my sister from another mister, I love Fena so much. It was amazing being back together with the squad.

We did 'Kama Kawaida' together and it has been like 5 years or more since we were all in the same stage," said Kagwe.

He praised their song noting he was glad that he and his friends created a classic song that is still a hit close to 10 years after its first release.

Kagwe acknowledged that it is a dream most artists hope to attain but few get to achieve it.

On why it had taken them so long to share a stage, the artist noted they have been super busy with their individual projects as they are all big artists with things they are chasing.

Watch the interview below: