News anchor turned Prophetess Cynthia Nyamai unveils new church in Nairobi

Media personality Cynthia Nyamai has been tasked to head the newest branch of RIG East Africa (Restoration of Issachar’s Generation), in Nairobi.


Prophetess Cynthia Nyamai was officially handed this special and important assignment during an auspicious event held at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Attendees were left inspired by the powerful speeches and vision shared by Prophetess Cynthia Nyamai, who is now the official head of RIG East Africa. Notable guests’ s at the launch included  head of RIG Global ApostleTomi Arayomi and Rev. Julian Kyula of Ruach Assemblies.

RIG East Africa (Restoration of Issachar’s Generation) is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that has officially marked its presence in Kenya.

Head of RIG Global ApostleTomi Arayomi and Cynthia Nyamai
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The Kenyan launch was officiated by Apostle Tomi Arayomi, from the United Kingdom.

His powerful message challenged Christians to use their voices positively, aligning with God’s purpose for transformation by being incorruptible.

In her captivating address, Nyamai emphasized the uniqueness of RIG East Africa compared to many contemporary churches.

She articulated the organization’s mission: to make a significant impact on East Africa’s spiritual, social, and economic landscape. Unlike traditional religious institutions, RIG East Africa is committed to actively creating solutions rather than merely identifying problems and hold the churches accountable with their finances.

“We, as RIG Africa members, have decided to be proactive,” Nyamai declared. “Our goal is to initiate projects that will not only improve the economy but also empower ordinary citizens. We refuse to wait for the government to solve all our problems; instead, we’ll take matters into our own hands.”

Notable Achievements:

  1. Multipurpose Hall at Jamhuri Short Term Sentence: RIG East Africa spearheaded the construction of a state-of-the-art multipurpose hall, valued at KSh 4 million. This facility will serve as a hub for community gatherings, events, and educational programs.
  2. Multifunction Pitch at Kibra Olympic Primary School: An ongoing project with a budget of KSh 66 million, this multifunction pitch aims to provide recreational opportunities for the youth in Kibra. It will foster physical fitness, teamwork, and community engagement.

Graduation of Worship Leaders

During the launch event, 60 individuals graduated with specialized praise and worship skills.

Nyamai also revealed that singers among the graduates would have the opportunity to record their music without financial constraints, thanks to the church offerings. This commitment to nurturing talent underscores RIG East Africa’s holistic approach to community development.

As RIG Africa gears up to launch additional projects aimed at improving the socio-economic system, Nyamai offered a message of hope to Kenyans. She assured them that positive change was on the horizon, driven by RIG East Africa’s unwavering commitment to progress.

News anchor turned Prophetess Cynthia Nyamai unveils new church in Nairobi
News anchor turned Prophetess Cynthia Nyamai unveils new church in Nairobi