Vijana Barubaru

Fast-rising Kenyan boy Vijana Barubaru opened up on the possibility of adding a third member to their group.

Speaking to Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, the boy band lightly declined to add the reporter to their group as a third member.

“In all our interviews we have never met someone who wants to join Vijana Barubaru so badly like you,” the group poked fun at the reporter.


They went on; You have tried to be like us. You are copying us?

The reporter replied; “If you guys want a third member just say that and stop beating around the bush.

They replied in unison; “Hatutaki and we have even said it on camera that we don’t want,”.


They also gave insights into their success based on the fact that they are among the most sought-after music groups- with several shows booked under their name.

“It boils down the several things. On is good music, two fans love, consistency and timing. Actually, it’s the coming together of a lot of things and we are really thankful to God for it and it really humbles us.

The band also mentioned that they had been in the music industry for over 7 years without anything tangible until recently when they blew up.

“We have been in the music industry for 7 years without getting anything but when the doors opened; we were like Thank you, God,” they added.

During our Interview, we wanted to find out what they had learned from legends like Eric Wainaina (he was on stage when we were doing the interview).

“Make amazing music. Be a real artiste. This is a man who can stay for 10 years without releasing a single song and still goes on stage and it's electrifying.

The power of timeless music…not every artiste’s catalog will make sense after several years. So make music that outlives you. Classics,” Vijana Barubabu added.

Asked about advice they will give to someone aspiring to make it in the music industry, they said;

“Number one, work hard, Two, make realistic plans so that you don’t lie to yourself. It's good to dream, but your dream should match what you are doing. 

Number three, don’t be lied to by anybody, everything is possible under the sun.

Also don’t be fooled by what you see on social media, 90% of the people are just faking it. You are okay where you are, you are doing right, go at your own pace. Trust me, no one is better than you. Be yourself.  

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