Why Simon Kabu's phone has him stressed

The Samsung Fold Z 5 which Kabu owns ranges between Sh. 175,000 to Sh. 225,000 in Kenya


Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu has excited netizens after he shared a video of him asking for technical help from Instagram users.

On his Instagram page the father of 3 shared a photo of his newly acquired Samsung Fold 5 lamenting of how he had been locked out of his own device.

Apparently, Kabu has forgotten his screen's password and had not set up a fingerprint unlock option so he is currently sailing blind with the device.


Captioning the post, a desperate Kabu highlighted he was willing to pay anyone who would be able to help him access his phone by bypassing the screen protection code as he was not willing to lose the files in that phone.

"Need assistance, fam. I have this new phone—Samsung Fold 5—and I went with it for a holiday and took over 5,000 photos and videos," part of his post read.

He went on to add that he understood there is the option of wiping the device clean but he was not willing to do that. 

Image: Instagram

"But I have forgotten the passcode (I can't use my fingerprint). Sitaki ikuwe formatted (I do not want it formatted,) as I will lose all pictures.

I am ready to pay to be assisted. Please reach me on +254713587664," the last of his post read.

The Samsung Fold Z 5 in Kenya ranges between Sh. 175,000 to Sh. 225,000.

Kenyans did not waste time reacting to the post with some hilarious quipping that someone had tried snooping on his phone and that is why it had locked itself.

While others asked the travel agency owner to be truthful about where he had gotten the phone from.

Below are a few reactions from netizens reacting to the post:

Amgicheru: Wee mzee skills za Githurai ulitumia wapi weekend?

Kyoungjenerali: Sema ukweli ulitoa wapi iyo simu

Itsmichaelsameri: Wajanjez wanaelewa kwa nini fingerprint haitumiki

Bonkemsanii: Are you sure this is Kabs typing? Madam we know your handwriting

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