Frida Kajala on the left with a TBT of her young family on the right
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Kajala Masanja, Paula's mother, who is dating musician Marioo, has finally decided to bury her differences with her daughter's father to make life easier for both their daughter.

Kajala and P-Funk Majani, Paula's biological father, have been in a long-standing conflict, with the former producer accusing Kajala of allegedly raising their daughter under poor living conditions.

During a ceremony to reveal the gender of Paula and Marioo's unborn baby, both parents were present, and Kajala confirmed that they had not been on good terms for a while, fighting on social media and over the phone.


"There were many things going on that he [Paula's father] didn't like, and I knew I was wrong in some ways, so I had to apologize as a mother, as long as everything is right for our daughter," Kajala said.

Furthermore, besides apologising to her partner's co-parent, Kajala congratulated P-Funk's new wife for being the bridge of reconciliation between her and P-Funk.

"There were things I was doing that annoyed him, and he would get angry, and Paula knew when her father was angry, so she decided to look for him.


But our refuge was Samira, P-Funk's wife; they have been together for many years and have three children."

"We love her because Paul [P-Funk Majani] and I have blocked each other everywhere, and we don't talk.

But when I see things reaching a breaking point and we need help for Paula, I will go to Samira and explain to her, and she will deliver the message, and everything will be fine," Kajala praised her daughter's father's wife.

In conclusion, Kajala praised P-Funk Majani, saying he is a good father to their daughter, embracing him and asking for forgiveness for their past issues.

"We are grateful for their presence, and Paul, forgive me if I have wronged you in any way, and you are a good father, and I love you," Kajala said, embracing him.