Harmonize with his former gf Paula Kajala
Image: Instagram

Bongo Flava star, Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has warned men against allowing their girlfriends to go to the gym alone without accompanying them.

In his statement on Tuesday evening, the boss of Konde Music Worldwide warned that when women go to exercise at the gym without their partners, they start to see them as lazy and unworthy.

He said that in such situations, such women begin to re-evaluate their options and see if the people they meet at the gym are the ones who match them.


"Don't let your girlfriend go to the gym by herself if there are no basic reasons, she will start to look lazy and the one who meets them every day will start to see the best because they have the same passion!!" Harmonize said on Instagram.

He added, "They will exchange numbers, wake me up tomorrow, the trouble starts there!! Not all but, make sure you are her personal trainer. Thank me later!!”

Konde Boy said his advice was inspired by what happened to him in the past, pointing out that a similar thing happened to one of his former lovers.


He pointed out that the relationship between a woman who goes to the gym and her personal trainer is not one to trust as anything can happen between them.

"The closeness of instructors and students is very great. Anything can happen. They can't finish training without stretching the limbs, back. Not all of them," he said.

The Konde Gang boss however did not share more details about the experience that happened to him or reveal which ex-girlfriend made him give the advice.

However, it is very likely that the bongo fleva star was talking about his recent girlfriend, Fridah Kajala who is a great lover of staying fit and trim.

Kajala is often spotted at the gym and likes to share photos and videos of her sessions with her personal trainer.