Pastor Kanyari and TikToker Faith

A female tiktoker identified as Faith M Peters gifted Pastor Kanyari condoms during the Sunday service, which left fans and congregants amused.

The female tiktoker gifted the controversial preacher three gifts, among them was a pack of condoms, Kotex panty liners, and Arimis petroleum jelly.

Later on, after gifting the preacher she confessed her love for him, which left Pastor Kanyari blushing.

Faith’s actions elicited mixed reactions among netizens, with some slamming her for not respecting the church.

After being gifted Kanyari went on and unwrapped the gifts while standing on the pulpit and showed the gifts to the congregants.

Faith went further and claimed that she had a dream of her and Kanyari having a big wedding. 

She added that she was aware that many women were after Kanyari’s affection and she advised him to use protection.

“Naona wanawake wanataka sana Pastor Kanyari, nimemletea kinga ya maisha. Tumia kinga daddy, usikatae wanawake,” Faith said.

Pastor Kanyari

Faith also professed her love for Pastor Kanyari and begged him to marry her.

“Nataka utoke kwa Rish Kamunge kuja hapa. Wacha kunyonga hii tunaweka kando. Niko na kizazi. Hawa watoto wa US tuongeze watoto wengine. Nimechoka,” Faith said in church.

Netizens posed different reactions towards the video, some saying that Faith went beyond and that she should respect the church and engage in such embarrassing acts in other places but not the church.

“This is too much. Eiish mnaenda spidi sana hamwogopi hata man of God,” a netizen said.

“Condom kwa kanisa?? Pator yawa,“ another netizen said.

All these issues arose after Kanyari recently revealed that he was single.