Pastor Kanyari's encounter with Chokuu makes him contemplate leaving TikTok

Their hilarious interaction occurred during one of Kanyari's TikTok live sessions.

Pastor Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Controversial city preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari has been left stunned to the extent of contemplating leaving TikTok after his encounter with German based Kenyan gay socialite Chokuu.

Their hilarious interaction occurred during one of Kanyari's TikTok live sessions.

Kanyari was caught aback after Chokuu joined his livestream and went on to talk about his sexual endeavours and identity.


"Wewe are you a man or a woman? Naona ni kama ukona mixture, it is like you are a man and like you are a woman I am not understanding," the city preacher said while communicating with the socialite.

Responding to the Pastor, Chokuu highlighted that he moves with both men and females and does not discriminate.

"It is business, I go whichever side the 'buyer' wants me," Chokuu divulged.


The statements caught Pastor Kanyari off guard as he went on to lament over how he has seen many crazy things however, TikTok interactions where on another level.

"Ghai! I will leave TikTok. Mimi nitatoka TikTok, nilikuwa nimeambiwa. Ohh my God, who have I met today? I have seen so many things but this TikTok thing is getting out of hand. People had told me to leave TikTok alone, maybe it is time I head the advise," Pastor Kanyari emotionally said as he tried coming into terms with what the German based socialite was telling him.

Teasing the man of God, Chokuu went on to ask Kanyari why he'd leave TikTok and the way people gift him lions. Adding if he left, whom would he leave the pricey gifts that are usually redeemed for money to.

Kanyari seemingly traumatized by his interaction with the self proclaimed high end prostitute (or escort if you please) noted that the madness he was witness in the video sharing app was way more intense and slightly overrode the lion gifts he receives.

"Ile mambo mnaongea ni makubwa kuliko lion! You don't fear God?" The city preacher said in between astonishment. "Hizo mambo labda zinahappen huko majuu lakini si huku Kenya" added Kanyari still reeling from shock. 

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