Brian Chira's granddad finally speaks 3 weeks after the late TikToker's sudden death

According to him, he feels Chira changed much after joining campus because then he was far from home.

The late Brian Chira's grandfather George Wamai
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Brian Chira's grandfather, George Njigi Wamai has finally broken his silence 3 weeks after the sudden demise of the late TikTok content creator.

Reminiscing over his late grandson's earlier life, the old man noted that there was no huge drastic change after Chira's mother passed away as the family ensured he was taken care of. 

According to him, he feels Chira changed much after joining campus because then he was far from home. 

"Life for him did not change much after his mum's death. Fees was paid, and he was taken to school except for when he had to study far from home. He was a right boy," Chira's grandfather stated while speaking to Presenter Ali.

He went on to add that his late grandson had big aspirations noting, "He wanted to be a leader... he had dreams of owning a broadcasting station,"

Things however turned rocky and money started being an issue and that's when his aunt took him under her wing. She took him to secondary school, then University and while he was there, she sadly passed away.

George noted that's when problems started hitting Chira.

Brian Chira
Brian Chira Brian Chira

"Alikua tegemeo kuu lake. He was not fine. That is where depression began. He saw that the world had ended. But his grandmother tried to do her best," his grandfather candidly recalled. 

Speaking on the type of person his late grandson was George praised Chira noting, "he was such an obedient, disciplined and hard working young man who loved school and his education. Even when he was a young boy when he came to visit he'd help around in the compound. 

He was loved by many because even when he was sent somewhere he'd go immediately without a fuss or any dilly dallying," 

On his late grandson's sexual orientation, Chira's  grandfather denied claims that the young man was gay, adding that he did see the allegations online but his late grandson never talked about his orientation.


"We knew him as a silent person. He was soft-spoken you would want him to keep talking. He was not loud, and we knew him as a good boy. We were shocked that he had a drinking problem.

He was a bright boy. (About him being gay) It's something which I've never heard about even from Brian. I never heard from him even one time. What I heard from him is, 'I want to be a reader, economist, I want to start my broadcasting center' but such I never heard from him," the late Chira's granddad said. 

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