The late Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

The cherished possessions of the late Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira have been meticulously packed and moved to his grandmother's home in Githunguri.

On Saturday, March 30, Chira's grandmother, accompanied by content creator Baba Talisha, embarked on an emotional task.

Baba Talisha disclosed that they had been assigned the responsibility of clearing out the items since the house had already been occupied by a new tenant.


During this poignant process, Baba T decided to go live, sharing a message extracted from Chira's notebook.

In the message, Chira openly discussed his struggles with loneliness and dissatisfaction, questioning the true nature of happiness in the midst of material wealth.

"Even if I acquire that wealth, will I ever find genuine happiness? Will I still feel alone? The luxurious car, lavish mansion, and vacations to Mallorca—will they ever be sufficient? Can they fill the void in my heart or the emptiness in my soul?"


The note captured Chira's contemplations as he lay on his bed, whiskey in hand, reflecting on the tangible rewards of his achievements.

This comes at a time when another video of the late TikToker came to light that showed he harboured aspirations of a long life before his untimely demise.

In the recently surfaced video on TikTok, Chira was interviewed by a local blogger, where he expressed his desire to live until the age of 70.

"I am currently 22 years old, and my goal in life is to live until, let's say, 70. I pray to God to grant me my wish," confidently states Brian Chira in the video.

Tragically, his aspirations were shattered when he was involved in a fatal accident, struck by a car in the early hours of the morning, allegedly after a night out at a nightclub.

His passing and the events surrounding his funeral sparked discussions online, with some commending the TikTok community for honouring him in his final journey, while others speculated about the challenges he faced due to a lack of proper upbringing.