Brian Chira
Brian Chira

Brian Chira's grandmother arrived at city mortuary on Sunday morning where the body of her grandson tiktoker Brian Chira is laid.

She was wearing an all black dress with white shoes and a black mask. 

Minutes after viewing the body of her grandson, she broke down in tears at the mortuary's compound.

Chira died on the morning of Saturday 16th march 2024 in an alleged road accident.

A relative to Chira had asked his fans to come together and help in settling funeral bills.

"The TikTok community and all his fans, it's true, Chira has passed away. He has died, and please pray to God to give us strength. We have come here to the mortuary and seen what happened; he was involved in a serious road accident, he suffered a head injury," he said

Adding "I kindly request that we come together if you loved Chira. Now he's gone, and we have to organize everything. Even if he was your adversary, Chira was a good young man, I know many are hurting like me, but everything is fine, we must trust in God," he added.