It was a privilege to know Chira- Prince Mwiti shares as he claps back at trolls

Prince Mwiti was the first person to announce Brian Chira's death on Social Media

Prince Mwiti hanging out with the late Brian Chira in a past image
Image: Courtesy

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has clapped back at Tiktokers claiming he is not mourning his late friend Brian Chira properly.

Taking to his socials Mwiti highlighted unlike everyone holding a pity party right now and riding on his late friend's wave in search for clout he was there when Chira was alive and well which matters most.

"So you wanted me to travel all the way from Malindi and go to the morgue to eat his meat or what?" Started an agitated Mwiti, clearly fed up with the hate he has been getting from netizens from the video sharing app.


Prince Mwiti went on to share some behind the scenes details of his relationship with the late Chira noting he was way more present than the guys making noise online right now.

"He is dead then, I was there when he was alive. When most of you were going to his live to just insult him and now you guys want to come here tell me whatever I should do and where I should be now that he is dead. Some people are very shameless in this app!" Added the content creator.

Finishing up, he recalled some of the things he used to do for his close friend when he still had breath in his lungs.


"I used to leave my house take a cab to his place, and mind you a cab from my place to where he used to live is Sh.2000.

Then I'd buy him drinks and milk and while at his place we would eat nduma (arrow roots) while chilling in his house while you guys were insulting him on TikTok.

Now you are coming to tell me what morals are! You want me to come online and start throwing myself up and down acting all erratic on this app. So that you all can see me, how will that help me now that he is dead?"

Finishing up, Prince Mwiti eulogized Chira as a great person highlighting it was beautiful having known the young man.

"When he was alive, I got to know him and it was a privilege to have gotten to know Chira,"Mwiti shared.

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