Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Pastor of the Salvation Healing Ministry church, Victor Kanyari, has given reasons why he doesn't want his church members to join the short video platform TikTok.

In one of the clips from his sermons posted on the Shifu TV TikTok page, Kanyari appeared advising his followers against the platform.

According to him, as a TikTok user for several weeks now, he stated that the platform contains many words that he wouldn't want to lead his followers away from the safe path of salvation.


"TikTok has words, don't enter there," Kanyari began, amidst laughter. "I don't want to see you there, you stay there on TV. Don't enter there, there's madness there, your Mathare madness is there. All the madness in the world is on TikTok. I hear things there I've never heard elsewhere since I was born, but I endure," he added.

Kanyari's advice to his followers comes at a time when he is almost daily on the platform urging his users to follow him in large numbers and even sending him various gifts.

However, the controversial pastor defended himself, saying that he did not pursue money on TikTok but followed the youth, who are the majority of its users, to preach to them, claiming that many are surrounded by the devil.