General Francis Ogolla’s daughter Lorna pens heartfelt tribute to late dad 

The tragic helicopter crash that claimed the life of the esteemed General Francis Ogolla has not only illuminated aspects of his private life, attributes, and achievements but also unveiled the remarkable journey of his family.

Ogolla is survived by his wife Aileen and two children, Lorna Omondi and Joel Rabuku and a daughter-in-law and a grandson.

Despite the overwhelming grief gripping the nation, many are now turning their attention to honor the memory of both the late general and the remarkable woman he raised.

These are the lesser-known details of the personal journey of Lorna.

Lorna is the current head of Operational Excellence, DC Equipment Supply Chain at Google at San Francisco Bay Area.

She has held the position for over a year as per the information available on her LinkedIn page.

Her role involves managing the business operations, operations management, strategic planning and data management systems, tools and process functions.

Being the head, she provides leadership and program management to facilitate the vision, transformation, and overall direction of the equipment supply chain team.

Between 2001 and 2003, she worked as a senior lead, in supply planning-Google Data centers.

Here, she managed worldwide supply-side capacity planning and operations for Google Data Centers, optimizing spend for billions of dollars of investment every year.

Lorna led the team that created global recommendations for leadership on what kind of data center option to build, where to build and when to build.

She has also worked as a Management and Economic Consultant at Greylock McKinnon Associates, where she set up and implemented linear optimization algorithms that helped clients understand the implications of electric power generation or transmission projects and provided calculations to aid in the valuation of energy properties during litigation.

Additionally, she has also worked as an analyst at Charles River Associates, where she implemented linear optimization algorithms that helped clients understand the implications of electric power generation or transmission projects.

In her position, she conducted analyses that helped clients determine the optimal location for their investments and presented the potential economic benefits accruable as a result of their investment decisions.

Lorna’s education journey started at Kenya High School in Nairobi before attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

She would later graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

In 2014, she joined the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom for MPhil in Management Science and Operations and later obtained a Master's degree with an Operations Specialization.

The course covered entrepreneurship and Innovation management, dynamic programming, operations strategy, revenue management, uncertainty and risk management, consumer behavior, strategies, econometrics, statistics and data analysis, decision analysis, organizational behavior, inventory management, contract theory, game theory, queuing theory, forecasting and simulation.

In 2015, she obtained another master's Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

The course entailed Operations and Analytics Concentration: Linear and Non-Linear Optimization, Decision Analysis, Stochastic Modeling, Small and Big Data Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Risk Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis, Corporate Finance, Machine Learning and Data visualization.

Lorna mourner her father as a "pursuer of excellence, most empathetic and effective leader and statesman."