Comedian Alex Mathenge faults colonial masters for Nairobi's poor drainage systems

Alex noted those blaming Governor Sakaja were being petty

Alex Mathenge
Kenyan Comedian and actor Alex Mathenge
Image: Courtesy

Budding comedian and actor Alex Mathenge in a sarcastic yet thought provoking manner has come out to defend Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja.

This follows the immense backlash Sakaja has been receiving from netizens who claim he has done nothing to help the residents of Nairobi highlighting his poor planning as one of the major reasons why most parts of the city are flooded.

Posting on his Instagram stories, Alex who also doubles as a film producer noted that those attacking Sakaja who has had the seat for 2 years were being overly petty as he was not singularly to blame for the poor drainage systems in some parts of the city as well nor for the poor infrastructure as well.

"I think we are being petty by blaming Sakaja during these floods!" Started off the creative.

On whom should the blame fall on, Alex had this to say; "We should blame all past regimes including Sir Evelyn Baring. Najua Gen z watauliza huyu ni nani? He was the governor of Kenya from 1952-1959 when Kenya was still a British East Africa Protectorate!"

Finishing up the actor noted the problem began with our colonial masters and all those who took the seat after them and Sakaja is just taking the blunt of poor urban planning from his predecessors. 

"That time wangepanga mambo ya drainage vizuri (they should have had a better and well functioning plan for drainage systems within the city)" the last of his post read.

What are your views in regards to his sentiments? Do you agree with Alex or do you feel Kenyan leaders had time to rectify and better the infrastructure after they took over? 

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