King Kaka and Nana Owiti

Famous lover birds King Kaka and Nana Owiti met 12 years ago and exchanged numbers beginning their love story.

The end of May 2024 should mark their 13th anniversary.

On their first date, they went to a movie.


For Nana, the date was so fascinating and mesmerizing and she had never set foot in a theater before.

Due to the experience, she couldn’t help but think how lucky Nairobi people were.

Afterward, Nana went through a miscarriage in 2014 which left her so broken.

Nana said she was walking with a dead fetus for five weeks without knowing and she also advised women to frequently visit a gynecologist to monitor their pregnancies.


Nana went on and shared her experience after she suffered a miscarriage, saying she was left traumatized.

“After waking up from surgery, I was completely traumatized. I was grief-stricken and angry. I blamed myself, I blamed my fiance and I blamed the world,” Nana said.

“My relationship cracked in more places than I would have wanted. Thank fully we worked through.”

Later on that year, they had their first born Gweth and Nana said she had struggles while breastfeeding until she ended up being diagnosed with mastitis and had had a surgery to get rid of it.

In September 22nd 2017 the couple was blessed with their second child Iroma who according to Nana didn’t have breastfeeding struggles compared to her first child.

“2.5 wks later we are weighing 4.4kgs! Our prince Iroma is a feeeeeder. We thank God. I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding with Gweth because I got sick cause I didn’t know how to properly latch her.” Nana said.

In 2021, King Kaka fell ill and the situation took a toll on his family even losing more than 20kgs due to the condition.

After he recovered, Kaka credited his wife for always being on his side when things got tough

“Let me count my blessings. The last 3 months have been nothing short but terrifying. This lady here @nanaowiti has shown and proven what a wife and a best friend is.” King Kaka said.

Recently they have been trending due to some allegations concerning their relationship,