King Kaka
King Kaka
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Veteran musician, and producer turned movie director King Kaka is opening up on how it took him years after his father died for him to forgive his old man.

The lyrical genius shared he had a strained relationship with his dad growing up and carried so much bitterness in him owning to the fact that as a young boy he saw his dad battering his mom.

According to him growing up in a house filled with domestic abuse hardened his heart and he purposed to give his mom the very best in life. A dream he is more than grateful he has been able to actualize.


"When my dad died while I was in class 7 we had a very strained relationship. Mimi nilikuwa... well, tulikuwa na beef. Because I saw my dad beating my mom and that is what led to their separation," started off the father of 2 while in an interview with YouTuber Obinna.

King Kaka went on to recount how after establishing himself as 'King Kaka' years later, he sort to make peace with his dad. Revealing that he wrote his song, 'Papa' for his old man as they could not have a conversation at the time. 

The song was released 8 years ago featuring soulful music group, 'Elani.' In it Kaka talks about how he failed to say bye to his dad who was hospitalized at the moment due to the anger among a few other things. Including a message to his young kids.

King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti with their kids
King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti with their kids
Image: Courtesy/Instagram

The artist had made peace with his past and was ready to let go of the bitterness and let his dad know that he had been forgiven for his short comings. So he did the second best thing, he went to his mom and candidly let her know that he had forgiven his dad.

"I was bitter with my dad. So when I became King Kaka one of the things I wished for was to forgive him. That is why I wrote the song 'Papa' for him, before the song I had never spoken about my dad anywhere! Like at all, I was bitter.

So I talked about it then I went to my mom and I told her 'nimeforgive huyo chali yako. I have forgiven dad,'" King Kaka said a little humorously.

The father of 2 went on to note that he no longer carries any remorse and actually wishes his father was around so that they could have that conversation as well and King Kaka could set up his old man as nicely as he had his mom.

"I wish he was here because we grew up poor. You know right now my mom, anything she wants she gets it, anything at all. I told my mom anything she wants she tells me.

And I would wish my dad was also around so that I could tell him 'dad you gave birth to a king!' You know," the artist candidly stated.

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