King Kaka pens cute message to daughter as she turns 10

Award-winning Kenyan rapper King Kaka has penned a sweet message to his daughter Gweth as she turns 10.

The ‘Wanjinga Nyinyi’ hitmaker used his socials to celebrate his daughter – stating that he is super proud of her and the young lady she is becoming.

“My heart turns 10 today.


“Gweth it’s your Big 10 and I am so proud of you. Our walks, our talks. You are a brilliant lady and May God shape your tomorrow and the years to come. Thank you for the lessons. I love you always!!! @gwethgeezy Happy Birthday My Heart,” read King Kaka’s message.

King Kaka is a father of two and he is always sharing his bonding time with his kids on social media.

A few years ago, King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti gave insights on what she considers a successful marriage.


“A good marriage is not something you FIND. It’s something you MAKE and you have to continue making it tirelessly because it has nothing to do with compatibility. After all, we all evolve.

"It’s learning and relearning your partner in their different stages of life. It’s always a crash course ahead. Here’s my Lifetime partner, King Kaka,” Nana said.


In March 2019, Nana opened up about how she experienced a miscarriage during her first pregnancy.

According to her, on April 1, 2014, they visited the hospital after she found a blood stain and the doctor asked her to take a scan after a while, the sonographer said that the baby had no heartbeat.

“The stain. He asks us to do a Scan... the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that nimekunywishwa Maji mbaya sana coz the pregnancy is kidogo waezi Ona If the bladder is not full...Anyway, I asked ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat,” said Nana.

 The Sonographers then told her the dead fetus was 7 weeks old but her last menstrual cycle showed that the fetus was supposed to be 12 weeks old.

“King followed then we went back to the Sonographer and he asked...’Hakuna kitu mnaeza do yani?’ (Trust the Eastlando in this guy) Then he responds..’The best we can do is aoshwe as soon as possible. Because by her LMP she should be 12weeks but by the foetal blah blah(those medical jargons) Iko 7weeks meaning she’s been walking around with a dead baby for weeks!!!!!” narrated Nana Owiti.

She continued,

"My recovery took months, both physically and emotionally. Physically, I gradually started to get stronger thanks to support from my fiancé and family.

More often than not, you are expected to move on and carry on like nothing happened to you because well- maybe because they feel like you hadn't met the baby as if it makes you feel better. You feel misunderstood."