Vera Sidika

Socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika has briefly addressed her failed marriage to singer Brow Mauzo as she confirms that she is dating a Nigerian man.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Vera was tasked to give relationship advice to people in a relationship and she was a bit reluctant because of her failed marriage to Mauzo.

However, she went on to give pointers on things she thinks couples should adhere to if they want a healthy relationship.


Kalondu: Vera Sidika please give me relationship advice. 

Ms Sidika replied; “You are asking for relationship advice from me when  I have had a failed marriage.

“But just be happy and don’t overthink it or stress. Don’t go through your partner's phone. We grew up in a family where we were being told not to touch our partner's phone. Let it ring a million times but don’t touch it. 


Kalondu: What scares you the most?

Vera Sidika: Poverty…I don’t want to be poor at all.

Kalondu: What angers you the most?

Vera: I hate being lied to

Kalondu: What is your beauty secret?

Vera: I don’t have one, I just freestyle… I don’t have a specific skincare routine.

 Kalondu: What is something about you that you wish people would focus on?

Vera: My brains. I feel like people should know that I’m smart and not just big booty.

Now that you’re no longer married to Brown Mauzo, how does it feel to come back to the new season as a single woman?

In Season 2, it’s just Vee as a single mum and divorced. I feel like I’m the best version of myself this season. I am embracing life and enjoying it because divorce is not the end of the world, and I want people to understand that. Actually, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.