Pimp or drug dealer, Vera Sidika shares acting roles she'd take as she teases new music

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Reality TV star, entrepreneur and aspiring musician Vera Sidika has shared her hopes of expanding her on screen appearance by venturing into acting.

The mother of two while speaking exclusively with Mpasho during the relaunch of Showmax in Kenya revealed she feels like with a little coaching she could be such an amazing actress, especially if given gangster roles or the character of someone mean and threatening.

"I feel like I would actually be a great actress, (especially) if I am given a bad girl role," Vera candidly said as she draw difference between reality TV which she maintains is not scripted and acting in a movie, where you have to follow written lines and cues.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi star went on to emphasize the type of roles she feels she would be super ideal for if given a chance.

"You know like a... I am a sugar babe, or like a drug dealer, a Madam, you know something... something bad," the socialite passionately said.

On if she would accept a different role perhaps a soft spoken girl trying to make things work, Vera was quick to say no. Noting she would find such a character boring.

"I don't want those soft soft things, those roles naah I want a badass role! A Madam, a pimp, you know, stuff like that.

That is what I like, it is fun and more exciting. Sign me up baby!" The mother of two dramatically added in between chuckles.

Touching on how she felt seeing so many Kenyans dislike her rap music video Vera casually noted she was not bothered at all.

"If I can spark any sort of emotion, whether positive or negative, that is a good thing. Hunnay, if you can get people to hate you then ding trust me there is something you have done to them.

That is how you work, that is show business," 

She went on to add that if people just liked everything you did then that means you are boring.

Finishing up, the mother of 2 revealed she was planning on making a musical comeback following her long hiatus. Noting she was cooking something flavourful for her fans and haters alike.

"More music, let us see... you know sometimes, I don't want to pre-empt but I am working on something musically, I am working on a couple of things. You guys will just have to wait and see,"

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