Sarah Hassan: quitting the industry to study film in L.A was a risk

Sarah Hassan
Image: Courtesy

Veteran actress model, and movie producer/director Sarah Hassan is opening up about some few unknown facts about her.

The director in a quickfire session with Mpasho opened up about her biggest achievements, goals and a few things that she has ticked off her bucket list.

On what she deems as her biggest accomplishment in life, the actress melted hearts by stating that she takes her role as a mother quite seriously and wholeheartedly important.


"Being a mom, there are quite a few but I will say being a mom," Sarah Hassan candidly answered.

She went on to reveal that contrary to popular belief she has been rejected for several acting roles that she tried out for.

"Many times," the mother of one said in response to if she has ever been turned down after an audition.


On something that has truly been in her bucket list and she got to joyfully achieve it the 'Plan B' actress noted bagging a deal as a brand ambassador is one of her highlights for the year.

"I have never been a brand ambassador and this year I got to tick that off my list. It feels like a dream come true," stated the movie producer.

Finishing up Sarah Hassan opened up on how she feels like taking a step back from the acting scene and flying USA to to study film was quite a huge ans scary risk but she is glad she took it.

"Going to Los Angeles to study film was quite risky. I was away from the industry for a little over 5 years and coming back you don't know how the state of the industry is going to be.

But it is a risk I am glad I took because it meant I would grow in my craft and as a person so the benefits outweighed the risk," Sarah candidly said.

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