Anerlisa Muigai

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigia has made public the updated version of her extensive rate card as she put her Instagram account with over 1 million followers on sale.

In a statement, Anerlisa says it will cost you at it will cost you Sh80, 000nto have your business advertise on her Insta-stories for 24 hours.

She is also charging at least Sh786 600 ($6000) for a post on her Instagram for only three weeks.


Ms Muigai also mentioned that for one to contract her as a brand ambassador, they will have to part with 13 110 000 ($100000) for three months.

For club appearance, Anerlisa is charging at least Sh1 966 500 ($15000) for three hours.

The Nero Company CEO says that her Instagram page with over 1 million followers is worth Sh65 550 000 (Sh500,000) while being mentioned under her photos costs Sh131 100 ($1000).


The expensive rate card from Ms Muigai has elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

The comedian has joined the list of other celebrities who have made their rate cards public.

Among them are Anerlisa Muigai, Willy Paul, Mulamwah, Crazy Kenner, Jackie Matubia, Mammito, and rapper Juliani.

What’s a rate card 

An influencer rate card is a document that calculates the price of all services an influencer provides.

Sometimes known as influencer rate sheets, these cards tend to list the price per post, the platforms they use, and the types of brands they're willing to work (or not work) with.