Huddah Monroe

Famous socialite Huddah Monroe has recently made headlines by confessing that she is set to start a church after claiming she has found her purpose in life following a visit from the Holy Spirit.

Huddah urged others to soul search as well.

So who is she?

  • Birthdate and Early Life: Huddah Monroe was born on October 10, 1991, in Eastleigh.
  • She grew up in Huruma Estate. Unfortunately, her father passed away from an unknown illness when Huddah was still a young girl.
  • Stage Name: She chose the name Huddah Monroe as a stage name to make it easier for her fans and followers to pronounce.


Huddah completed her primary and secondary education at various institutions, including at Kajiado Hills Girls Academy.

She successfully finished her secondary education at the age of 16.


In a candid revelation on her social media, Huddah shared that she decided to drop out of college to provide her brothers with the opportunity to pursue their education.

Despite this sacrifice, it didn’t hinder her from becoming successful.


As the firstborn in her family, Huddah keeps her family private to avoid dragging them into unnecessary issues.

After her father's passing, her mother remarried, which led to a challenging family setup for Huddah.

She experienced mistreatment from her stepfather and stepbrothers, eventually forcing her to run away from home.


She embarked on her career journey as a secretary for an architectural firm immediately after completing high school at the age of 16.

Later on, she lost her job when the company downsized its workforce. Without losing hope, Huddah kept pressing on until she climbed up the ladder to where she is now.

Despite a challenging upbringing, she rose to prominence through her participation in Big Brother Africa 8.

Although she did not emerge as the winner, she leveraged the platform to gain a significant following, making her one of the most popular socialites in Kenya.

Since then, Huddah has established herself as an entrepreneur and model in Kenya.

She has collaborated with renowned fashion brands within the country and also started her own cosmetics company called Huddah Cosmetics..