Huddah Monroe


Socialite Huddah Monroe who is known for being outspoken has spoken her mind on celebrity relationships terming them 'pure evil'.

She spoke about the type of men she would never date due to her aversion to marriage. Huddah’s comments have really raised eyebrows.


She recently expressed her disdain for relationships, which are often publicized on social media, suggesting that they tend to last for long.

“Every relationship I’ve ever admired on social media has turned out to be PURE EVIL!, she said on her Instagram stories.

Huddah went on and termed the so-called relationship goals as a scam. 

"Any relationship that is highly promoted on social media is highly questionable. They are using SM to hide their unhappiness,” she said.


Flashing back on her own encounters, she mentioned a particular couple she once admired.

“A lady I used to follow was dating a very nice man. I wanted her kind of relationship so badly,” Monroe said.

Due to a turn of events in the couple’s relationship, she decided to reconsider after the lady committed suicide just the other day.” She committed suicide the other day. I’m still in shock and I don’t even know her, Huddah explained.

Huddah went on and explained that she would prefer dating a low-profile man because celebrities don’t have time for their women.

“Rich men don’t have time to love you. Lol! It’s all about choice. What rocks your boat? The need for money or the need for love? That’s my private life, I guess and it’s not for everyone to see. Also, I date very inconspicuous men. No celebrities,” Huddah explains.

According to Huddah marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ himself.

“Marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ himself. I am ready to be a baby mama to a king who wants an ovary donation, no strings attached, Huddah explained after she revealed she was selling her womb for 116 million.

She went on and commented further that ladies should have kids when they can fully cater to their needs and watch them grow until they are old enough to protect and provide for themselves.