Risper Faith
Risper Faith

Ex reality TV star Risper Faith feels her celebrity friends are fake people. This is because they didn't post her on their social media pages.

Risper wanted them to wish her a birthday publicly just like she does to them.

A disappointed Risper took to social media to write;

"None of my celebrity friends has wished me a happy birthday and the way I always post and promote them. My real people are my fans my DM is full of all of you wishing me a happy birthday. I love y'all and I wish I could share my cake with each one of you..."

She went on to call them fake;

"Fake friends, fake celebrity friends. Real friends are your fans and inner circle. Please don't post me after my post. I don't want fakeness in my 30s."

This comes just weeks after Risper exposed fellow celebrity Tanasha Donna for failing to allegedly pay for a body enhancement clinic.