Jimal and Amber Ray
Jimal and Amber Ray
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Amber Ray has wished Jamal Marlow Rohosafi a happy birthday. This comes after months of speculations that the two had broken up.

The Chairman of Association of Matatu operators  and Amber Ray this year made headlines after she and Amira, Jamal's wife got into a  social media fight.

Taking to her social media, Amber wrote;

"Happy birthday chairman…. Cheers to many more"

Jamal simply responded 'Cheers'

At the same time, Jamal has taken to his socials to celebrate the birthday of his son with his now ex-wife, Amira.

Jamal and his son share a birthday. Sharing photos of his son on his socials, the flamboyant businessman penned;

"Happy birthday my son...wish you another blissful year and a life filled with love. God knows why we share our birthday #vimal"

This comes just a month after Amira said she doesn’t want to be associated with Jamal in any way as they are no longer together.

"PSA! Am addressing this for the very last time! Stop associating me with Jamal. You need to stop dragging me with every issue that you see out there, we’re no longer together. I am not his wife he is not my husband, I am not his problem, his no longer my problem," she wrote.

Amira added that she was now a single mother;

"As from today, kindly consider me a single Mum. @Jimal_rohosafi get that divorce paper ready. Am not going to allow you to disrespect me again."

Amira was also angry that Jamal could not post about his son on his birthday, something he did this time around. "The audacity. You couldn't even post your son on his birthday," she said.