Kagwe Mungai
Kagwe Mungai
Image: PR

Kenyan Afropop star, Kagwe Mungai was trending just recently over his dirty tweets response video. But the singer is doing what we have known him for, for a long time... good music.

Well, he has released his much anticipated single dubbed 'Chay Chay'.

The song embodies a celebration of the African culture as it evolves. Kagwe Mungai, who also doubles up as the producer on the track- effortlessly fuses the electrifying Kenyan sound with some Amapiano vibes, resulting in a sound Mungai refers to as "Gengepiano".


Chay Chay was directed by CJ Pixels and KG Brian- the dynamic duo who have grasped the art of bringing concepts to life beautifully.

The duo also worked on Kagwe Mungai’s last single Blame Game, which featured Xenia Manasseh.

The audio was mixed and mastered by the legendary Lucas, popularly known as Ogopa the real.

The video comes right after the news of a new record deal with OBYAFrika.