Rayvanny and baby mama
Rayvanny and baby mama
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Fahima, Rayvanny's baby mama has slammed a fan who told her that she is trying too much to please the singer.

Fahima, has been sharing photos of her new get up that is fashionable and fans are loving it. This is apart from one MoMoris who wrote

"Punguza stress shoga mume harudishwi kwa kufanya ivyooo😂😂😂"


(Reduce the pressure, a man is not brought back by doing what you are doing)

His comment was relating to the fact that Fahima and Rayvanny said they are not together.

But Fahima clapped back at the fan revealing that she is back together with the singer and that he is no one else's but hers.

 "pole shoga mume mm ndohaniachi dada mm ndo mwanamke wake wa maisha 😹 kiufupi kwangu ndo kashafika 😹 na desturi ya watanga ni kwamba hatuja funzwa kuwaacha waume bali tumefunzwa kuwanyenyekea kwa nyama tamu ya ulimi 😹 so kuachwa mm bado sana 👌 chukua kiti ukae 😹😹"

(Sorry, the man is not leaving me, I am his woman forever...According to your culture, we don't leave men, we respect them and know how to keep them. So, he is not leaving me anytime, so take a sit and watch)


Some fans were speculating that Fahima and Rayvanny had not broken up in the first place and that it was just a stunt.