Harmonize and Ibraah
Harmonize and Ibraah

Harmonize's protege Ibraah has been exposed by his alleged baby mama for not giving child support.

Ibraah is signed under Harmonize's record label Konde Music.

Well, a woman by the name Clyna Sugar took to Instagram and Tiktok to demand that the singer takes his responsibility for their child.

"He knows that he's my father's child, his management knows and his uncle knows."

Clyna says that since she had a misunderstanding with the 'Nitachelewa' singer, she has been speaking to his uncle who has been helpful until recently when he blocked their conversation.

"He became close to me and even posted me on my birthday, There are things that went on and the uncle blocked communication so I couldn't go through him to get to Ibraah."


She went on to say she had to use her lawyer to get the singer's attention "I don't know whether he's just being childish. I am one year older than him but he need to understand he's now a father."

Clyna then insisted that she is ready for the DNA,

"Ibraah is not responsible for his child. If you refuse, I am ready to do a DNA test, you have never given that issue attention because you know you are the father. I am asking for child support, I am tired."

Ibraah has maintained his silence on the issue.