Tommy Hailu
Fitness ethusiast Tommy Hailu

Dance Fitness is an ingenious way of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, Improve creativity, social cohesion, energy and lifestyle.

Well, a 29-year-old Ethiopian dance fitness Thomas Hailu who doubles up as a  Afrobit artist, traditional dancer, contemporary dancer is the founder and Master coach of Ethio Dance Fitness. which is celebrating its fourth anniversary.

Tommy's dance performances combine African dance styles with local dance styles that are accessible to anyone. Combining this dance experience with sports, Ethio Dance Fitness, a Fitness Center, has become a popular pastime for those who want to lose weight in sports but understand it difficult and time-consuming.


Ethio Dance Fitness is currently a registered Dance Fitness Company in Ethiopia. In addition, one of the major tools used by the company to promote this Dance fitness is to regularly organize dance concerts & festivals in Ethiopia and other countries

Tommy is giving us the benefits of the dance fitness.

1. It strengthens social relations


2. Can burn 2,300 to 3,200 calories a day

3. It helps to lose 3 to 6 kg per month; By accompanying a scientific diet and monthly Loses up to 7 kg

4. For those with diabetes, heartburn, and heart disease, it is very easy to do without worry Recommended

5. Adjusts the respiratory system; Adjusts heart rate, regulates lung function

6. It helps to be It causes the joints and muscles to flex

7. It eliminates fatigue by controlling cholesterol

8. Increases memory

9. It gives us a happy life

10. Engaging in a social life

In a statement, Tommy added that

Tommy Hailu
Fitness enthusiast Tommy Hailu

In a statement, he said "Dance Fitness has a multi of physical benefits, from understanding body dynamics to improving mental health; In addition to improving body fluorescence and bone structure."

"It also helps to balance the body and prevent muscle and tendon damage; With regular dance facial exercises, cords and joints are strengthened. This kind of sport, which is very important for physical and mental health, is well known in the world, but it is only four years old in Ethiopia."

He added that;  "People all around the globe are finding out each day, dancing is one of the best fitness workouts there is."

Studies show that some diseases and unwanted weight gain have become a major concern recently. This is due to the fact that people are inactive for and physical exercise and poor eating habits.

So, what is the purpose of Ethio dance fitness?

"It is to live a healthy life while enjoying a healthy lifestyle by bringing examples of patriotism,  love and coexistence, ethnicity, religion, gender, love and respect for the country."