Tanzanian singer Zuchu
Image: Instagram

Zuchu has written a letter to Tanzanian authorities after 'Mtasubir'  hitsong was banned by Tanzanian Communication Authority (TCRA).

She was featured by Diamond Platnumz in the song that is off his EP 'First Of All'. According to TCRA a clip showing Zuchu in church singing in the choir and then rans out to see Diamond has caused mixed reactions amongst believers. TCRA described it as disrespect to religion.

TCRA further directed the media to stop airplay of the music video in Tanzania.


She took social media to respond to TCRA saying that she learnt of the news through social media. 

"I took about four days to come up with the video creativity. I have respect to all religion and I didn't see this coming. Not every creativity is going to please everyone but to disrepect religion is not something we do because we know we have fans from all religions."

She went on to say that she shot the clip while wearing decent clothes and the nuns from the church were overseeing everything and gave them a go-ahead.


Zuchu described the video as innocent and a very sweet story adding that it cost her a lot of money.

In a statement to newsrooms, TCRA said;

"TCRA has received a report from BASATA to stop sharing a music video of the above mentioned artistes from airplay."

Adding; "In the said video, there is a clip showing the cast in church singing choir before leaving for somewhere else. The clip has brought mixed reaction from believers of different dominations and has be seen as disrespect to certain religion/alter"