Rayvanny and baby mama Fahima
Rayvanny and baby mama Fahima

Rayvanny's baby mama Fahima aka Fahyvanny and ex-girlfriend says she has moved on and is in a serious relationship.

Speaking to journalist at Hamisa Mobetto's event, Fahima said she has never been without a relationship.

"Nipo  kwenye mahusiano, tena, mahusiano serious." (I am in a serious relationship)

"Nipo always kwenye mahusiano, sijawahi kutokua kwenye mahusiano." (I am always in a relationship and have never not been in a relationship)

So what about marriage?

"Kila kitu kinawezekana." (Everything is possible) she said

It was not clear whether she is back together with the WCB singer or she had moved on to another relationship.

"Ikifikwa mda mtaelewa." (When the time comes, you will understand) She said after refusing to comment on the issue.

She added that she and Rayvanny spend time together and when further asked if they are still an item she said;

"He (Rayvanny) is the one who is able to answer that question well. I don't understand you." 

Asked whether she was in a realtionship with Tanzanian siner Aslay, she denied saying 'I have never seen him"

Rayvanny and Fahima share a son.

The two fell apart when the singer started dating Paula Kajalla.