Kim Kardashian in an event
Beauty mogul Kim Kardashian in an event
Image: BBC media

Kim Kardashian has bought another house next to her house and that of ex Kanye West.

It is a 4,230 square-feet house which will be an expansion of her house as it is next to where she lives.

Kanye West had bought a five bed-room house for 4.5 million dollars house next to Kim's claiming he wanted to be close to his four kids whom he sired with Kim.

It is reported that the Kardashian splashed a whooping 6.3 million dollars on her new home.

It is a four bedroom house which was built in 1975.

Kim and Kanye have already parted ways. Kim has already been Instagram official with boyfriend Pete Davidson.

In an interview on Good Morning America, Kim said she is very happy.

 "I wouldn't be with someone if I didn't plan on spending a lot of my time with them. Obviously, I wanna take my time, but I'm very happy and very content, and it's such a good feeling just to be at peace," she said.

In another interview, Kim said she loves spending time with the comedian;

“We were driving in the car yesterday and I just, like, looked at him and I was like, ‘Thank you.’ And he was like, ‘What?’” “And I was like, ‘For running errands with me. Like, this is so much fun, just to, like, go to a doctor’s appointment or go to the dentist and just, like, run errands. I’m having so much fun.’