Image: Courtesy Mbosso

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has a heart condition that has led him to keep visiting the hospital.

The WCB singer told Wasafi Media that doctors advised him to keep exercising.

"I have a very big heart condition. I thank God that I do exercise."

"At times, I sleep at night and my left part of my chest is in pain. Its a condition that I've had for a long time and very few people knew about it."

The singer said his mother, his baby mamas and Diamond Platnumz are the only people who knew about it.

The singer didn't give the name of his heart condition but explained that

"Maradhi yangu yanatokana na mishipa yangu kuzibwa na mafuta." 

He's had the condition since he was young;

"It get to a point that my hands just start shaking by themselves. I cannot hold something for a long time with my hands."

"There are times I get numb. I was told it is a generational condition in my family."

The 'Hodari' hitmaker is set to travel abroad for medical treatment.

"Nina matatizo ya Moyo. Makubwa sana, sometimes nasikia maumivu. Silali vizuri."

The singer said that doctors told him he might now be able to get kids after 30 years if he does not completely treat the problem.