Nikita Kering
Kenyan singer Nikita Kering

Following her successful debut EP,A Side Of Me and  having been voted as the best female artist in East Africa and won the best RnB song ‘Ex’ at the AFRIMAs, Nikita is at it again.

This time the multitalented singer, songwriter is back with the song Last Name. The single is also her debut single since signing with Universal Music Africa.

Talking about the song, Nikita said it was a real-life experience "just going into a space where someone's essence builds your mind and without fail you just approach them. The song speaks to my personality a lot,"she said


She went on to narrate;

"The song is just a vibe, it's nothing too serious. It's about going to a space, going out, one night, and walking into the space and being blown away by how this person looks and it completely makes you lose track of everything that's going on around you. It's about being free and doing whatever it is that you want to do with regards to the person.”

As it has almost come with a norm, the creativity of SoFresh, add that to mastering and engineering pro-es of Trevor Magak, then complement all these with the angelic voice of Nikita, what you get is a recipe of something magnificent.


So what's next for her?

“I think people should expect someone who is more experimental, someone who is definitely free to tell her own story and more honest and real honest with her work."

"I needed time to understand myself and what I really, really wanted to make creatively. I think sometimes when your project does well it's easy to hop on the trends and try and do whatever it is that's trending, so I think I just needed to find time to find myself.”

Last Name is part of a larger project Nikita has in store for her fans as she looks to end the year as the undisputed vocal powerhouse.

Her new project draws inspiration from a phase in a life and relates to it in a personal way, one which all Ringerz across Africa and the world at large will truly relate to.