Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru together with their newborn
Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru together with their newborn

Digital creator Thee Pluto and his girlfriend Felicity Wanjiru have welcomed their first born, a daughter named Zoey Pluto.

According to Felicity's social media, baby Zoey was born on Friday morning.

"4|11|2022 9:14am🙏," she announced on Sunday

Pluto said it was a dream come true for him to be a father.

"Nimetimiza ndoto zangu kwa kumpata mwanangu. Karibu duniani mtoto wangu @zoey_pluto Umenibadilishia jina nikawa mzazi na ukanipa heshima. Nakuombea Maisha mema. My true love ❤️." (My dreams have come true for getting a child. Welcome to the world my child. You've changed my name to a parent now and gave me respect. I pray for you to have a good life."

Before getting into the delivery room, Felicity had given some words of wisdom to pregnant mothers.

"Got a chance to interact with my nutritionist Dr.Jesse once again. Eating healthy throughout your pregnancy could actually reduce the chances of some complications."

Thee Pluto described his lover as his superhero.

"Let me begin this by simply saying that to me, you are a superhero. A strong and powerful person for whom my admiration and love grows for every single day. You’ve never looked more beautiful."

"Part of me is terrified about what is to come. I worry about the baby not liking me, or about stuffing up and not being able to help with the feeds properly. That they might make you upset or somehow change the incredible dynamic that we have always had."

"But every time I have these freakouts I just look at you and remember how you’ve handled everything that’s come your way and I know that not only will we be fine, but that we’ll be great. Because no matter what happens, this baby will be half of you and half of me.Mostly, I want to take this moment to say one thing above anything else: thank you love."

From us is congratulations to the couple.