Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel minister Evelyn Wanjiru is known for her uplifting gospel music. The award winning star is also taking the ministry to her social media while encouraging her fans.

Here are ten quotes from Wanjiru that we are loving.

1. I am a custodian of something called PRECIOUS FAITH.This is the kind of faith that believes God for anything and everything.

2. God is re writing people’s stories..People will be amazed at the doings of the Lord in this season

3. Leave the HOW up to God. Your duty is to believe. Believe and then you'll see the glory of God.

4. I lift my eyes to the hills where my help comes from....I have confidence in my Father

5. What do you see in your future????Your vision is very important for the future.

6. We all have dreams, unless you make a move and take the risk, it will always just be a dream.

7. ▪️Be quick to listen and slow to speak▪️Be quick to patience and slow to anger▪️Be quick to compliment and slow to criticize▪️Don't be quick to air private matter on public platforms.

8. It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you'll do things differently.

9. I am smiling because I have gotten a revelation.There is power in your tongue.The words you speak can bless and can curseCan bring life and can bring deathSo learn how to prophesier good things because God fulfills the prophesy.

10. Your life is a message to the world .Make sure it's inspiring!!