Joyce Omondi Waihiga
Joyce Omondi Waihiga

Joyce Omondi Waihiga keeps encouraging her fans from the TV screens to her music to her social media platforms.

The gospel artiste cum TV presenter oozes positivity and has been uplifting her fans with quotes on her social media.

Well, here are ten quotes we are loving from her Instagram;


1. God uses what we think are delays, setbacks, disappointments and detours to move us into purpose. ​

2. If you had it all figured out today, there would be nothing to learn tomorrow. Enjoy being a work in progress

3. Appreciate how far you've come. Every step you take is an accomplishment in itself 


4. Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it 

5. Joy is a decision - a really brave one about how you are going to respond to life 

6. Going forward or turning back both require energy. May we find grace to keep fighting, keep pressing and to not give up 

7. Believe that God will do the impossible in your life. Anaweza na anatosha.

8. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Whatever may appear hopeless and dead to you and I - even those that have been dead for a long time - is a field full of possibilities for the Lord.

9. God can confirm things to you in ways only you will understand.

10.Whatever you want in life, make sure that you always want God more 

10. We've got to stop using our energy to worry and start using it to pray