Singer Nikita Kering is crushing on Nigerian singer Rema. Speaking during the Spotify Wrapped party, Kering said he is more in love with his music.

"I've had a crush on Rema since I was in high school. Other than the fact that I have a crush on him, Rema is just so talented I think that he has found the most perfect balance between West African music and international music, and right now that's my biggest challenge."

At a press conference in Kenya this,  Rema wasn't shy to admit that he would love to have multiple girlfriends while explaining the lyrics to his famous 'Girlfriend' hit


"It actually means I have a crush on all types of women different sizes, different shapes, different color, and my intonation was in...the way I placed my sentence the way I placed that verse was that if I had a chance to marry all of them I would Everywhere I go I see beautiful Kenya has beautiful women Zambia has beautiful women but you know I just can't you know it's too much but if I had a chance yeah.." He said

The singer further expressed his intention to do a collabo with Kenyan songbird Karun.

 "I feel like she is super talented and I feel like the whole world needs to hear her voice. The whole world needs to hear her story. Her vibe is different I've never heard such type of music before. I feel every frequency, and I told my producer to reach out. I actually wanna work with her. She is special."

And how can other artistes go global?

"I feel like a lot of artists pay too much attention to fan-based and rivalry.  So some artistes don't actually wanna work together not because they are not good but because of their fans." He explained 

Adding "We should look past that spend more time together understand our different mind spaces and just keep working together and just know you know always it is about."

Rema said that Nigerians are flourishing because of collaborations.

"I have not taken the chance to observe the Kenyan industry I will be honest with you but if there is something generally it is just the unity the love. The support for each other the hardwork, the ability to leave our comfort zone which is our home you know relocate and be far away from home just to make sure that we unlock a different territory to be able to pass our message.

There is alot of background work, that you know you don't get to see on the internet there is alot of sweat, there is alot of sacrifice so I feel that that's what really pushed us to come this far."