Tanzanian singer Alikiba has described discipline as one aspect that makes a successful artiste.

The singer who has been in the music industry for decades advised  artistes that are not yet there to also have respect for others.

"Discipline inakufanya ufocus. Ukiwa unaocus, unaweza ukaandika na ukaimba. Kuna watu wanaweza wakakuonyesha hata njia za kupoita kwa  sababu ya discipline," he said.

"Discipline makes you focus. When you focus, you can write and sing. There are people who can even show you how to call because of discipline."

About the artistes that aspire to collabo with him, he said;

"They need to fight and show that they can do extra. I am here and I will give them that task."

Kiba said this while at the album launch of fellow Tanzanian singer Marioo. he performed his hit song 'Utu' at the event.