Zari with her husband Shakib Cham.
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan's husband Shakib Lutaaya has advised fellow men to be careful on the partner they choose as a wife.

Taking to social media, Lutaaya shared a photo of Zari, twinning in gold and wrote;

"Your woman either your motivation or your distraction. be careful on the women you choose to have around you. #jumamubarak #salamaleykum." 

Zari responded, "Mashallah my husband ❤️."

Few weeks ago, the couple tied the knot in a private Nikah.

According to 'brides' website, a Nikah  is a religious ceremony for a Muslim couple to be legally wed under Islamic law, and is when the couple officially says “I accept.” 

Zari confirmed that their wedding was planned during the month of Ramadhan in just 48 hours.

Speaking about it on Snapchat., she said;

"He told me he was going to marry me, so watch your tongue what you manifest. We made a video about it, it was just like a joke. And this year, he came to South Africa and its during Ramadhan and said he had been talking to people in the community, the Sheikhs, I asked 'have you thought about it'  and he's like 'I'm gonna marry you," narrated Zari

She added "

"Before I know it, he's spoken to the Sheikh and the date has been set and this is 24 hours to 48 hours. Yeah, that's why I wasn't ready, I didn't have something special to wear. I got married."

Zari was speaking on her Snapchat;

"It's never a competition, I live in my own lane, I do my own things. I do what I feel is right, I do not have competition," she added

She said that both families gave them a go-ahead for their wedding.

"We called the relevant people, we called his family, I spoke to my family. They were like 'Are you sure, do you love him, do you really wanna be with this person?' I'm like yeah, we're good."

She then called out the haters "I am established, I am successful don't you think I am living my life? I am happy, I am not doing anything for anyone. I am with Shakib because I want to be with Shakib. Not because of pressure"