Kenyan singer-songwriter Bien has released a new song called "Too Easy," featuring DJ Edu.

The Afro-soul and RnB-inspired track celebrates the joy of falling in love and how easy it can feel when two people are truly meant to be together.

"Too Easy" tells the story of a man who has fallen deeply in love with a woman. He believes that their relationship is so effortless and natural that it feels like they were always meant to be together.


The catchy chorus of the song highlights this sentiment, with Bien singing, "You make it too easy."

DJ Edu's stellar production skills bring the song to life with a lively beat that perfectly complements the message of the lyrics.

The song is an upbeat and somewhat energetic celebration of love, and it's sure to get people vibing and singing along.


"The inspiration for 'Too Easy' came from my own experiences with love," said Bien. "When you find someone who makes everything feel easy and natural, it's an incredible feeling. I wanted to capture that in this song and share it with my fans."

The release of "Too Easy" follows a string of successful singles from Bien, including "My Baby" with Ayra Starr (the first release from his upcoming album) and the chart topping solo hit "Inauma."

Bien is one of the most popular artists in Africa, with a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim for his unique blend of Afro-soul and R&B.

"I'm so excited for my fans to hear 'Too Easy,'" said Bien. "It's a fun and upbeat song that celebrates the best parts of falling in love. I hope it brings joy to people's lives and inspires them to celebrate the love in their own lives."