Image: Ethic

Kenyan Gengetone group, Ethic, has announced the departure of one of its founding members, Rekles.

This marks a significant turning point for the group that has redefined the Kenyan sound and contributed immensely to the global music scene

From humble beginnings in Umoja Estate, Ethic Entertainment emerged as a beacon of creativity, originality, and dreams realized. Comprising of Swat, Zilla, Seska, and Rekles, the group introduced the world to the unique Gengetone genre with the release of their breakthrough track "Lamba Lolo," created on nothing more than a mobile phone.


Their musical journey was not just a single hit wonder, but a series of hit after hit that birthed the vibrant and unmistakable Kenyan sound we now recognize as gengetone. Their boundary-pushing approach not only solidified their place on global music charts but also inspired countless aspiring artists.

Rekles, with his unparalleled creativity and hard work, played an instrumental role in Ethic Entertainment's rise. His contributions to both the group and the broader Kenyan music industry have been monumental and can never be truly quantified. Ethic Entertainment, is poised to continue its journey and legacy despite this transition.

As the group bids farewell to Rekles, they have expressed their profound gratitude for his indelible impact on the group's journey.


"The music they've created together will forever resonate with fans, and Rekles' influence will undoubtedly continue to illuminate and inspire aspiring artists and creatives for years to come," read a statement

"In the words of the legendary Freddie Mercury, "The show must go on." 

Ethic Entertainment has promised to remain committed to their mission of pushing musical boundaries, uplifting voices, and creating a lasting legacy in the realm of music.

The group is also thrilled to announce its highly anticipated upcoming release titled “Kunoma."