Chebet Ronoh
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In an interview with Mpasho's entertainment journalist Kalondu Musyimi, Chebet Ronoh confessed that she dated a Mubabaz with an "affirmation that "the older the berry the sweeter juice'.

But the content creator doesn't want to go back to dating older men.

In a quickfire question, she stated that she doesn't have a favourite content creators in Kenya, she sees herself as the best and loves her own content.

The Mpasho journalist had a quickfire with the content creator, below is a sample of the quickfire:

Kalondu: What is your English name?

Ronoh: Deborah Ronoh

Kalondu: What are most addicted to?

Ronoh: Dancing.

Kalondu: What's your nickname?

Ronoh: Chibaibe and Debby

Kalondu: What's your skincare routine?

Ronoh: Coconut oil and custard oil.

Kalondu: Other than Chebet Ronoh who else is your favourite content creator?

Ronoh: I don't have any.

Kalondu: Would you take back a cheating partner?

Ronoh: Noooo!

Kalondu: Why do you have a till number on your bio?

Ronoh: Because you guys need to pay me.

Kalondu: Is Sauti Sol your favourite Kenyan artist?

Ronoh: Not really but they are among my favourite artists.

Kalondu: What did you get in KCSE?

Ronoh: D+

Kalondu: Ronoh as me a question

Ronoh: Kalondu what's your favourite thing about today?

Kalondu: Just meeting people and reconnecting with people like you.

At the end of the quickfire Ronoh appreciated Kalondu and told her she looked amazing in short hair.

During the quickfire, she stated that she was very good at speaking Swahili but writing it was the problem. This confused the audience since how can you be good at talking and not writing when people write what they talk.

Kenyans being the commenting people they are didn't disappoint by stating their different opinions. below are some of the different opinions from the audience.

@its_ewambui-Rono is always a vibe🙂♥️

@lincolngram._ -So according to this interview 🤔 huyu mdem haishi kenya

@tesh_mutethya -23 wah miaka zangu zimesongaa😂

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