Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

Radio presenter who has also turned to content development in social media, Chebet Rono has mentioned the reasons why she broke up with her boyfriend.

Through her Instagram page, Ronoh has uploaded a short clip explaining her reasons for ending the relationship, revealing the main criteria she considers.

Ronoh said that apart from someone talking about her in a childish voice, not having swimming skills, she also cannot date someone who calls a samosa,  'sambusa'.


"These are my reasons for ending the relationship. If your man doesn't know how to swim, you've already lost before you even start.

70% of this world is water, you will be helped if something happens to you in the swimming pool, then the memory will be written, come, explain to me. A hurricane has hit us and we are diving, what will you do?

This is one way to survive and if you don't have it, go out there and learn it right now," Ronoh said.


"If your man calls samosa 'Sambusa', I think this speaks for itself, it is to show him the door and get out. If you're going to talk to me in a childish voice, then tell me you can't bring yourself to...

Can you go to bed with someone like this? And if you continue to stay with him, that is called self-sabotage and self-hatred, move on," she added.

Apart from that, the presenter also said that if you are a lover of Bongo Flava, Rhumba, and Afrobeats songs, then forget to ask her to be your lover even with drugs.

"If you listen to Afrobeats, Bongo or Rhumba every day, then we are done. I was tired of being hurt every day. These are the people you go to a show like Diamond's and you find 'Analia'," she said.

She added being emotionally intelligent is something that will make you understood around the world.

Watch the video below;