Chebet Ronoh

Former radio personality and YouTuber Chebet Ronoh has apologized to everyone she has wronged in her series of rants and name-calling.

On Tuesday evening, Ronoh put out an apology saying she had received a call that prompted her to apologize for her behavior.

“Apologies to anyone I’ve offended I have received a call that has told me the truth let me go on a hiatus and heal again I apologize for my behavior,”

The apology come days after she put out a series of tweets calling out several celebrities on allegations that they were mean to her or in one way or another they were copying her content.

She picked on actress Catherine Kamau and Elsa Majimbo as her first targets before going after Nikita Kering, Shorn Arwa, and Kamene Goro.

In 2020, during an interview with Shaffie Weru Elsa Majimbo addressed reports of being compared to Chebet Ronoh.

"I started before Ronoh but she blew before me. And people get that so confused and they act like me being in this space there is no space for her or her being in this space there is no space for me.

"Some people say that Ronoh may be more deserving of what Elsa gets but the fact is…first of all I stun Roho, she has done so many things. She has talked to me and given me some advice because she was bigger before I was… but as always say you can never block God's blessings.

"No one can ever put me down…Kwani who are you," Majimbo said. 

Shorn Arwo replied; "After having a baby, there are conversations I honestly can't involve myself in... honestly.

“Love and light. I hope you recover from what you are going through sweetie..."

Kate actress on her side said; “Ronoh we love aunty debs, we want to be aunty debs, the rich aunty, you are such an incredible, consistent content creator. I celebrate you Rono. Keep shining 🙌🏾,”.

Kamene Goro and Nikita Kering are yet to respond to allegations made against them by Ronoh.

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