Chebet Ronoh now goes hard after Nikita Kering (Details)

Ronoh maintains, Nikita texted her mean thing trying to bring her down when she was depressed

Chebet Ronoh calls out Nikita Kering for being a bully

It seems digital content creator/ comedian Chebet Ronoh is not holding anything back in her latest outburst.

Ronoh just recently called out actress Kate Kamau and fellow comedian Elsa Majimbo for copying her content without giving her credit and now she is pointing the big guns at musician Nikita Kering.

The comedian has just launched claims that Kering is a mean girl and bullied her when she was depressed!


Wueh! Claws are out and things are getting messy but we are all here for the drama.

Taking to her Twitter account, Ronoh posted a couple of tweets calling out the songstress and maintaining that her PR company tries to paint a sweet picture of Kering which is quite the contrary to what the "EX" hit-maker really is.

Ronoh is bringing out receipts from 2019 where she claims Nikita at one time texted her 'a whole lot of nothing' meant to bully her.


"Nikita Kering, I never forgot how you made me feel..." started off Ronoh.

She went on to add meat to what she meant with her tweet.

"Nikita texted me a whole lot of nothing back in 2019 bullying me! You are not as good as your PR company makes you to be!" Ronoh angrily wrote.

The content creator revealed that she has a better relationship with Nikita's brother Max who is actually a sweetheart as compared to the songbird.

"I remember I NEVER made Nikita Kering a friend, I have always been close to Max, her brother who is a darling btw.

This b*tch texted me a paragraph of how I will fall and never make it because I was depressed," Ronoh revealed.

She made it known that she and Kering had no real relationship to justify Nikita texting her hinting that Nikita only did so because she was intimidated by Ronoh's growth.

"Mind you, I NEVER was Nikita's friend! Shawry just texted me after she was intimidated...." Ronoh tweeted.

Coming back to a more recent event, Ronoh claimed that she recently approached Nikita to say 'hey' to her and the songstress rolled her eyes at her.

"And when I said hey to her at the British Commissioner brunch she legit rolled her eyes at me! Nikita I know you hate to see me happy and alive." Ronoh's tweet read.

She finished off by laughing at how back in Brookhouse music students suffered being forced to sing Kering's songs.

Ronoh seems to be on a revenge mission geared towards everyone who either bullied her, downplayed her, or has been ripping off her content and she isn't sparing anyone.

We reached out to Nikita via her Instagram page for a comment in regard to the whole drama but she declined to give our team a comment.

For the questions posed, Nikita left us on read as seen in the screenshot below.

More tea please, is all I can say.

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