Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh has been trending on social media for some days now after she came up with accusations that some influencers and comedians like Kate Actress have been stealing her content without crediting her.

In tweets, Ronoh alleged that Kate Actress and Elsa Majimbo have been visiting her page on a daily and making away with her ideas.

Apart from all that drama, Ronoh has been popular on social media for sometimes and here are some facts about the content creator.


She is a Kenyan media personality, entertainer, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer her real name being Deborah Chebet Ronoh.

Deborah rose to fame after posting a video of herself ranting after an old man approached her for a relationship. 

The vlogger has then since created more ranting videos on trending topics. 


At 19, she made her first million and she was the first youngest radio presenter in Kenya.

Earlier in 2019 she was listed among the top 25 women in digital.

In May 2019, she landed a radio job at NRG as a mid-morning presenter where she was hosting alongside Charlie Karumi after she replaced Elodie Zone.

Ronoh left NRG radio in April 2020 eight months after there but near the end of 2020, she landed a job with Homeboyz radio where she co-hosted the morning show with Money and Neville.

In 2022, she started her weight loss journey which seemed to be successful.

Ms. Rono is also an ambassador of body positivity. She has used her Instagram platform to advocate for plus-size women's appreciation.

She has a youtube channel with 132k subscribers and almost six million views whereas on Instagram she has a following of about 476k followers which is such a huge number.

She has endorsed many brands through advertisements on her Instagram account, brands such as show max, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Carrefour Kenya, and many other brands.

Chebet Ronoh
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Facts about the content creator and radio presenter Chebet Ronoh

  1. Real name: Deborah Chebet Ronoh
  2. 22 years old
  3. Went to Kenya High and BrookHouse
  4. Youngest radio presenter ever in Kenya for NRG
  5. Earned first million at 19
  6. Known for her comedy skits on YouTube & Instagram
  7. Has 475K Instagram followers & 131K YouTube Subscribers
  8. Lost over 30kgs on her weight loss journey in 2022
  9. Battled mental health issues in the past
  10. Worked with NRG and Homeboyz Radio
  11. Listed among the top 25 women in digital in 2019
  12. Recently called out celebs for allegedly copying her content

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