Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu
Image: Kiss FM

Rapper Fena Gitu was hosted by Kiss FM presenter Kwambox on The Morning Kiss. The rapper was engaged in a game of 'Marry, Date and Dump.'

The rapper 'married' Jalang'o, decided to 'date' Oga Obinna and dumped 'Kibe'

During the game, Gitu said she would never date an elderly person as she doesn't know whom her dad is revealing she has been raised by a single mother.

Fena opene up about loving brown Ugali, greens and Tilapia. Her worst food is cabbage.

When asked if she would do a collabo with Wizkid without him paying her, she said;

"Yes, he is one of my kings. I don't charge collabos if I'm feeling you or I know its something valuable. For me its the value of him being Wizkid."

She added 'Lakini anawezanitumia fare."

Gitu revealed her favourite content creators to be Mammito, Ronoh and Jacky Vike.

She is currently promoting her new jam 'Love Is'